The Wrap Away Story

Getting dressed for a fun time out of the house was always such a challenge for me. Do I wear something summery and light during those hot days? Or do I wear sleeves to avoid being cold when I get to my destination? 

I’ve dealt with this dilemma my whole life, and then one day it hit me — why not create something that is easily transported in my purse that I can whip out quickly at a restaurant or movie theater when the A/C is blasting?

So I did!

I woke up one morning with the idea literally bursting in my head. I took a jersey pillowcase out of the linen closet and fashioned the very first Wrap Away prototype. 

I set out to create a wrap with both fashion and comfort in mind so women would no longer have to choose between the two. I also wanted to avoid any unnecessary materials that would make the product difficult to travel with, so I created a small pocket that allows the wrap to fold into itself. No additional bag or purse-stuffing necessary!

After many iterations and feedback from friends and family, Wrap Away™ (patent pending) is here, and it’s ready to help all my fellow chilly folks out there!


Renée Hernandez Thurau

Founder of Wrap Away™